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Hi, @RyanReese. You’re making a point and I’m missing it. (I don’t always “read between the lines” very well.) Please elaborate a bit.

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That is a classic non-fluid, non-responsive web site written by an experienced print designer. Perhaps @Ryan is pointing out that it is similar to the rigid design of the site that he quoted (which is still rigid but for a different reason).

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So what is your opinion on felgal’s suggestion about using em units for max-width?[/quote]

I like the concept and your implementation very much. I do not have enough experience with it to voice an evaluative opinion, though.

At this time, I think it would be a problem to not have the ability to zoom text-only because the vast majority of web pages are not that fluid and zooming text only is a useful design testing tool, and I’m not sure that a complex site could ever be sufficiently responsive to fit that picture (to wit, these forums). However, if such responsive layouts turn out to be the norm in the future, I think I could get used to not having the zoom-text-only functionality - although I would still miss it. (Does that sound similar to the dedicated older-version Opera users? )

I was puzzled by that one too.

The post I linked to shows instructions by yours truely on how to text-only zoom in Chrome. You said that you believed it was only possible in FF. Just sharing knowledge.

The preview is very misleading and that’s just another “feature” of discourse…

I did remember your post. I had tried it but it seemed to set the default font size that the user prefers… it did not really allow one to zoom font-size only quickly and temporarily as FF does. The inconvenience of opening the settings page for each nudge of the font-size isn’t very appealing. Is it possible to change the font-size setting from the keyboard temporarily without losing one’s preferred setting?

And that’s exactly what may happen on different platforms by default at normal size because text on a mac is often wider than on a pc and I often see fixed width menus breaking to the next line and breaking the layout before anything is zoomed. The question here is of using poor coding techniques from the start rather than anything to do with zoom.

Text needs to wrap to the next line nicely because you don’t know what size text your user is using as this may be set in their user stylesheet or default browsers settings and nothing to do with zoom. If you handle this properly then enlarging text only is not an issue.

I often find that zoomed layouts are broken anyway because of the way that browsers handle rounding and lines are rounded up or down leaving artefacts hanging around the place. This is especially noticeable where the author has used sprites for background images but has left no gap in the sprite and therefore you get part of the next sprite when the layout is zoomed as the browser rounds up the odd pixels.

Whether you prefer zooming the page or zooming the text only your layout should still be able to handle text larger than you expected.:smile:


I’m another member of the “zoom text only” club. Generally, my vision (with glasses) is fine, and I have no need to zoom images. Indeed, zooming some image types beyond their native size causes pixelation and makes the image less clear. I don’t want that any more than I want horizontal scroll bars.

When I’m tired or having a bad day, I find it harder to focus and tend to bump up the font size then. I struggle with blocks of serifed text at the best of times, and always need that larger than a sans serif font. I also find that I often have to increase font size because there is insufficient contrast between background and foreground colours to make the text legible.

My problems are of perception, as much as of vision. I struggle with text where the line spacing is too close, and especially so if it’s a serif font. So I may try to zoom the font to (hopefully) make it more legible. I also find it very hard to read text over a background image. Sometimes, zooming the text is enough to move indistinct areas away from the image lines which are confusing me. (Otherwise, of course, I have to toggle background images on and off.) Zooming text and image together would be pointless.

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Just zooming the text seems stupid, because if you have poor vision, you need EVERYTHING to get larger, not just the text…
[/quote]Hopefully, you now understand that that is an over-simplification, and there are good reasons why zooming text only may be preferable.

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