Default site width

That’s what my previous post was.

That is generally how a non-responsive site zooms. What happens when you zoom so far the main wrapper fills the screen and beyond? Do you get horiz scrolls, or does it shrink to fit?
On a responsive site, you should end up with a blown up version of the mobile site if you zoom far enough. As it grows, the queries kick in to alter the layout to fit the view.
This is the page (WIP) from my above example, you can see how it reacts to zooms and varying screen widths. It works down to about 230px (smaller than an iWatch), when the phone icon clashes with the menu icon, but that’s more than small enough.

That’s why I asked:

But the reason being, I imagine not that many sites are responsive enough to hold up to it. Using normal zoom, a responsive site will handle very well, a non-responsive site will not break its layout, but will get horiz scrolls. My eyes are still good close-up, so I don’t know what it’s like, but I suppose I would use the normal zoom mode if I needed to, for this reason.