Default Adsense and Amazon iFrame Code

Hello guys,

I have a news website, I am using Adsenes as my primary ad serving network. On some pages of my websites like Top 10 Dual Sim Smartphones, I want to sell listed smartphones with Amazon AFFILIATE PROGRAM. When I read Google’s terms and conditions they strictly prohibited iframe code (Amazon standard product code comes with iframe) but people are saying (in google search results) that using Amazon with adsense is not against Google’s terms and conditions. Kindly clear my confusion. Please share your personal experiences too.

And what does Google say?

I wrote about Google’s point of view about iFrame HTML code.

I think you’ll find that the restrictions on iFrames apply to the actual AdSense code. There’s nothng to say that you can’t use iFrames for other purposes. Just look at any page that has both AdSense and Amazon affiliate links and you’ll see it’s a common practice.

If you are still unconvinced, keep in mind that you are not obliged to put the Amazon code in an iFrame. You are free to post an ordinary href to the target product page. Provided your affiliate ID is properly encoded, the link will work as you expect.