Deep-Fried Turkey

Has anyone here every cooked or eaten a turkey that was cooked in a deep-fat-fryer?

It seems this has become a phenomenon in the U.S. over the last decade, and I guess I don’t understand it…

Wow. Sounds horrifically unhealthy!

Nobody does high-cholesterol and heart attacks like Americans!! :smile:


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Unless it’s the Scots - with deep-fried pizza and deep-fried Mars Bars (neither of which I’ve ever tried, I’m happy to say).

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Nope, can’t say I even like turkey, bit on the dry side - you need tons of marmite+onion gravy on it :wink:

Then whoever has made it for you wasn’t a very good cook.

Any regular oven-cooked turkey I have ever had was delicious and very juicy and moist. (Mom’s trick was to cook in in one of those roasting bags.)

I love friend chicken, but I have never had deep-fat-friend turkey.

It doesn’t sound bad, but since I think over-cooked turkey is so juicy and tasty, I’m just curious to the American obsession with it.

Maybe it’s just a “redneck” thing?

Yeah, we do every year.

They are way too dangerous and expensive to do yourself, so we buy them. You can get a 16lb Cajun Fried Turkey for about $40/50 here. The oil alone costs close to that, much less the hardware. And no possibility of catching 5 gallons of grease on fire.

They are so delicious. They inject cajun seasoning in them and the frying locks all that goodness inside.

Wow. Sounds horrifically unhealthy!

I dont think they are any less healthy than a regular turkey.

How does it taste compared to fried chicken?

What makes it better/worse/different than a normal oven-baked turkey?

Where do you live?

Sounds delicious!

How does it taste compared to fried chicken?

I dont like fried chicken, so a lot better.

Fried chicken is usually breaded, fried turkey is not and it’s fried whole.

What makes it better/worse/different than a normal oven-baked turkey?

It locks all the juice in and cooks faster, so you can season it better. Our’s get injected with seasoning which makes a huge difference.

Even the best regular turkey I’ve had is dry in comparison.

Where do you live?

Close to Louisiana.

Thanks for the tips, mawburn.

Maybe next year I can try one out?!

Or can you get them year-round in the U.S.?

Care to share where you get them, or is it just a local store?

We get them from a locally owned Cajun restaurant and that’s the only place we’ve ever got them.

They just do them for Thanksgiving and Christmas only, but they are the kind of place that would do one up any time if you ordered it in advance. Most people generally don’t eat Turkey any other time of the year. (other than like sandwich meat)

I’m not sure what other kinds of places would do them, but I know they exist because I know other people who buy them like we do.

I didn’t realise that they weren’t breaded, so I imagine you’re probably right.

The best way to roast a turkey is to lay strips of bacon all over it, which keeps it moist while cooking. And it tastes goooooood.

I don’t like to eat animals anyway (hence vegetarian), but eating them when they are your friends is even more horrible! How could you?

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I seem to have trouble with “fried” and “friend”. :blush:

Wanna come over to my place for dinner tonight, Ralph?! LOL

(Maybe I have a distant relative who was a cannibal…) :wink:

At least you know they’re not diseased.

Horrible (but entertaining) story. When I was a kid my dad was driving home from work and he ran over a cat that crossed the motorway in front of him. He pulled over and got out to check whether it was alive and needed help. Unfortunately it was dead, so he moved it to the side of the road. The next day on the news there was a report of a man that had been arrested when he as caught under that motorway roasting the cat over a fire!


So your dad gets away with littering, and the homeless guy gets arrested for recycling. What a mad world. :stuck_out_tongue:


No way!

You’re pulling our legs, right? :open_mouth:

Unfortunately not.