Dee Gordon Circles The Bases Faster Than Anyone Has Ever Done

Just wondering if anyone heard about how Dee Gordon run those bases?! I read this on a website: “It wasn’t quite an inside-the-park home run. But a few seconds after Colorado Rockies left-fielder Charlie Blackmon made a mess of a Dee Gordon line drive into the corner that should have been a double, the speedy Dodgers second baseman found himself rounding third base and heading for home…He would make it there without a relay throw to the plate. According to the website, which does exactly that, Gordon, the son of former All-Star pitcher Tom Gordon, circled the bases on his Little League round-tripper in exactly 13.89 seconds. That would be faster than any other big leaguer has since the website began their tater tracking ways back in 2010. .” and I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts or if any one saw it?

This sounds like baseball to me which is not a sport that it is practiced in my country. Maybe you should start telling us what you think about it. To me, it is just a random text :slight_smile:

I’m puzzled. That text comes from a lengthy article on a dedicated baseball site. Why are you asking about it here, rather than discussing it there, where it might reasonably be assumed folk are more likely to know about baseball?

It seems the OP has lost interest, or maybe he followed TechnoBear’s advise and asked on the site he got the text from.
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