Dedicated server suggesttions

I moved to Toronto, Canada almost 2 years ago. The company I work for used to get services from NetFirms, a Canadian hosting company. I was not satisfied with their service so I moved all our domains, almost 50 domains at that time, and hosting to Godaddy. Unfortunatly Godaddy server got slower and slower after 6 months… Our websites were working well in US but so lame in Canada.

I am willing to rent a dedicated server, I searched little bit but I was not able to decide… My friends have a dedicated server from Ovh europre and they suggested me to use Ovh Montreal.

Anyone has good or bad experiences of renting dedicated server? what do you suggest for North America, especially Canada connections speed?

This is Godaddy, in USA, hosted WP website: <snip>

This is in France : <snip>



I’ve recently moved to a dedi with WebHostingBuzz and couldn’t be happier with the features of the account nor the speed and efficiency of the managed services (an optional add-on which I would never do without). The entire WHB team has been fantastic and their data center in the US is quite good. If your main market is in Europe, they also have a data centre (note the spelling) in the UK. I couldn’t recommend them any higher.

Saying that, I’m shocked that you have had a good experience (for a while) with GoDaddy as their reputation in the SitePoint forum boards has been absolutely horrid. Consider yourself lucky IF you can migrate to a good host without losing domains, etc.



That was my experience on Go Daddy back in 2007. Nothing has changed. I assume you were on a shared server?

How much traffic and pageviews do you get? Do you need a dedicated server when something simpler and less expensive like a VPS will do? And the key question is: how much are you planning to spend? There is a wide range of options with dedicated servers depending on what kind of horsepower you require. Will 16 GB of RAM be enough or do you need 32 GB? And so forth. Your visitor traffic/pageview level, your budget, and your requirements will dictate the direction in which you should go.

Wordpress is a resource-intensive script. There are ways to reduce the load on the server such as with caching plugins if you haven’t examined that avenue already (won’t help with Go Daddy). If you decide you need a dedicated server, there are plenty of companies offering them. Good luck.

I’m still using the Godaddy shared services but I had a bad experience with Godaddy dedicated (I really don’t think they are actually dedicated) servers last year for another company…

How much traffic do I get? I have almost 60 domains, total number of visitors are not more than 20K. I don’t think that I need a lot of memory and bandwith, at least for now. I don’t have a budget, I am an IS Manager, I will show them the options and finance department will decide “unfortunately”.

They removed my link but one of the page is hosted in France but the connection is better then US host, I don’t think the distance makes much sense… Also my main target is in Canada and US.

I checked WebHostingBuzz, VPS hosting looks more affordable, but do you guys suggest it?


Hopefully I can post this without breaking any rules (as you have asked about our service)… we’re about to launch next-generation VPS hosting in a couple of weeks. This will be even better than our current offering if you can wait this long. :slight_smile:



I swear BY WebHostingBuzz, NOT at them! I’ve had various accounts with them for several years (shared, Joomla-specialized and dedicated) and not only can’t complain but shower kudos on their excellent support staff for thoroughly addressing my requests (no complaints) in a very timely manner.

In other threads, I’ve posted my checklist when looking for a new host and one of the oft-missed points was creating a ticket with the proposed host to ask questions about their resources, i.e., mod_rewrite enabled, versions of Apache, PHP, MySQL and cPanel/WHM and how often they’re updated. Note the time you send the ticket and the time they respond (to get the elapsed time, of course) as well as the quality of the answer(s). I’m sure that you’ll find WHB far better than any other host as I have.

I see that WHB’s CEO is also in this thread so ask him pointed questions, too. If you do, please understand that he travels (presumably between his data centers in the US and UK) and works some pretty difficult hours (so I consider us lucky to find him here in SitePoint) whereas his support staff is “on-the-ball” around the clock.



I have heard a few of my friends recommending Amanah quite highly. Take a look at them.

I saw someone complaining on the Go Daddy board about slow Wordpress loading so I ran a Pingdom test on it. It took 23.39 seconds to load the page and of that time almost 19 seconds was waiting for the server response.


20,000 visitors a day or a month? That many in a day is too much for shared hosting, I think. Shared hosting could easily accommodate that many in a month, unless they are all concentrated around the same time. And VPS is also a lower cost option than a dedicated box.

You can always try posting your URL without it being hyperlinked.

For dedicated servers, do you have management experience? If you don’t, please be aware that it can bring worse performance. In that case, a fully managed server, that the vendor takes care all server side tasks for you, is my suggestion. Ovh, as far as I know, they are unmanaged host, you will be in charge of server management.

Which way do you want to go?

Check out this link: with this company for add cpanel for you server for $20 you well get full server management …!! <<< this company is present:)

Storm is a cloud service from Liquidweb. That is not a dedicated server, please get your facts straight before recommendation.