Decrypting SWF Files - With ethics

I included “With ethics” in the title cause I’m not looking to steal anyone’s work. I have some SWF banner ads that I need to change the destination URL on and the only way I can think of to do that would be to decrypt the SWFs back into FLAs. I don’t have a chance of getting the FLAs as I’m no longer in contact with the original creator.

I was hoping that someone might be able to share some free decryption software that they know about.

Naturally to avoid the spread of such software for illegal/theft practices I’m hoping someone could PM me the software instead of posting it here.

I don’t own the full rights to the flash file, so I suppose you’re right. I was merely wanting to change the destination URL of the flash file itself.

I would be careful here, do you own the rights to the work itself or does the original author still hold the copyright over the item? Because decrypting a Flash file (even to tweak it for something you paid someone else to produce) is technically illegal on the basis that decompiling and recompiling will produce a derivative work (and without license or the code and permissions you could give the original author grounds to sue if they wanted). :slight_smile: