Declare a Stylesheet as CSS3

[FONT=“Georgia”]Is it possible to explicitly declare a stylesheet as CSS3 for validation?

I’ve been experimenting with some CSS3 features which, even though they work in browser, seem to fail validation with the W3C checker because my stylesheet is being checked as CSS2.


Actually you can Shaun…

Tools > Edit Tools… > Select “Validate CSS” > Click “Edit”

And edit this part of the string “profile=css21” to “profile=css3”, click “OK” and bingo. :slight_smile:

[FONT=“Georgia”]Thanks, it worked.

Too bad I can’t do that from Web Developer Extension.


It’s up to the validator what flavor it’s checking for, rather than your style sheet. In the W3C CSS validator, click “More Options” to choose the flavor of CSS you want to check. CSS3 is now an option.

EDIT: mind you, the validator seems to choke on vendor-specific properties. :frowning: