Decimal data type

I have a table

   rack_id INT NOT NULL,
   beginning_slot DECIMAL(2,1) NOT NULL,
   ending_slot DECIMAL(2,1) NOT NULL,
   device VARCHAR(100) NOT NULL,
   device_width INT DEFAULT '150',
   beginning_x INT DEFAULT '25',
   ending_x INT DEFAULT '150',
   FOREIGN KEY ( rack_id ) REFERENCES racks ( rack_id) ,
   PRIMARY KEY ( panel_id )

I try & input a bunch of data and

am I using the decimal type correctly?

In your query there should be a comma between device and device-width.

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and in general; the database engine is pointing you to the problem.

"near ‘device_width, …’ " generally (like most programming languages) implies “The first word of this string. Something went wrong there. Check there and the word immediately before it to see what went wrong.”

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