Debugging feature: dont use this line of code?

I’m looking for an IDE that will allow me to specify a line(s) of code NOT to use. I’d hope that it wouldn’t actually alter the file, just the IDE’s view of it. I currently comment out lines but this can become a painfully slow process in many cases.

I use DW mainly, along with some other IDE’s for specific features, but I am open to other IDE suggestions.

Could you give an example of what you mean? I can’t picture what you are referring to.

How do you mean; “line(s) of code NOT to use”?
Do you mean not to be displayed in the IDE or not to be parsed when the script is called?


I am sorry for not being clearer. I meant that the line of code is not parsed when the script is called. So I could select say, lines 5-10, and run the program as if those lines did not exist.

put it in a comment…

I said I did that in the OP… :slight_smile: I found it’s not that effective when you are doing debugging/testing in overlapping chunks and comments (and comment types) overlap. I figured that there was a better solution. I read that some other language’s IDE’s had this feature, but I haven’t tried enough php/js/html/css IDEs to find it elsewhere.