Deal Aggregation

Please suggest me how Deal Aggregation works. Since I am planning to create a website related to deal and offer. I want to list all deals in one place.
Eg. Similar to I like show all offers in my sie.

  • You will need to register with one of those deal aggregation services
  • You will be provided by an XML file which contains deals from all websites which are register with the aggregation service
  • You will need to implement processing of the XML file on your website, each deal on your website will be linked to the website of original deal publisher
  • Each of links on your websites will end with your unique code, so links can look like this:
  • Publisher website contains JavaScript code from the aggregation service provider which looks for your unique code in links and according to it decides whether user who bought the deal came from your website or not and then you are given your share from deal selling

Thats it.

The deal space is flooded with sites that just read and republish feeds so while you can get the mechanics down, if you want to find success you need to define your own spin.

One logical place to start would be curating deals around some sort of topical expertise whether it’s sporting goods or tech, anything where you can provide insight about the options to get people’s attention rather than just a coupon.

The other advantage lies in being more transparent. Sites have become so focused on forcing people to click their affiliate link that the usability has become questionable. Giving a clearer path may be a win in changing the face of the game, even if you make a little less per visitor.

Thank you for reply and it makes sense. Do you know any best deal aggregation services. Basically I am from India and is there any constrain in location.

Most sites get deals through Affiliate programs including Google, CJ, Linkshare, Pepperjam and others however if you can build traffic you can get exclusive deals working with relevant partners which are more attractive.

And yes, for tax, fraud and other reasons many business limit themselves to a particular country or set of countries.

Thank you all. I am looking India based deal aggregation service. If any thing you know better and trusted one. please message me