De-Index 100's of Urls/ Move Them

Hi all.

I am wondering the best way to de-index URLS without causing major problems. A year after starting I feel I may have over optimized many URLS and I want to change that e.g.


Should I just tell robots txt not to crawl the root of the /wedding-photographers/

Will this slowly remove things from the index? I can’t face adding every URL individually in the removal tool in WT…


[font=verdana]That URL does look pretty spammy :shifty:

So what are you going to have in place of those URLs? Does each one refer to a unique page? Or are they all multiple routes to the same few pages?[/font]

Indeed. It seemed like a good idea at the time :slight_smile:

They are all unique page profiles.

I can do a bit of fiddling and generate all the pages again but in a folder :

/wedding-photographers/{Profile Name}

A pain, but a lot easier than de-indexing around 500 pages like the above.

These are all static pages. I could also deindex them all and then let google follow the php generated version, which I block at the moment as I liked (again, back then) the idea of static pages other than dynamic.

Google would have to crawl the url for example view-profile.php?ID=100

Go to Google Webmaster Tools–>Optimization–>Block URLs and block all those pages you don’t want to be indexed .

That will block the URLs. I could probably block the folder, but will this then de-index the pages and how long will that take???