anyone know what happened to the forum at ddboard.com?
it has been down for a week and the domain is up for sale at sedo for 1$10,000

Well I guess they put it up for sale? That is what a SEDO auction would signify, perhaps they gave up or it was costing too much to run or something :stuck_out_tongue:

That is parked and possible on the sale. I suppose you can easieally check that by visiting the SEDO and PARKED.

i think everybody figure out that tehy scammed people,that’s what alot of people are saying in some forums.

Guyz!!! I told everyone on some other forums that I’ve personally contacted with Mr. WebLord and I asked him that y did he shut down the website??? He said that he was not owner of the website and everybody knew this, he was just paid person who was just administering the Forum. So as soon as the Real Owner of the Forum wanted to sale the site, he took all of the authorities back from him and never let him to tell the members that the website is going to be sale at sedo… He has to left the seat without any prior notification as he hasn’t much authority left on his side…

I asked him that I had more then 32K ddpoints in my account, he replied me that he also had more then 400K (4 lacs) ddpoints in his account. And he’s not lying because everyone can see the dd points in Bank Account as well…

I asked him that u didn’t you posted even a single post regarding this incident so he replied that he cannot face the people as they all are blaming me for everything.

Guyz!!! The conclusion is that WEBLORD has a good reputation over internet and it has taken a long time of period to achieve it. Everyone will be agree that he served his best on DDBOARD and not even a single person can say that WEBLORD did wrong with him. So why are u blaming him now when he didn’t do anything wrong??? We must pray for him to be successful in his other Forums, Websites and business.

If someone ask me to define WEBLORD in just 3 words so I will say HONEST, HARDWORKER & TRUSTWORTHY…

Now it depends upon u guyz if u want to criticize him or wish him best of luck… I MUST WISH HIM BEST OF LUCK TO HIM!!!

ddboards.com is back up, for good.