DC Comics - Online Store - Total Flash

RANT: I can’t believe it. Not surprised, but it infuriates me. Why would you do a whole store-front in Flash? DC Comics has great creativity in the pop-culture arena, but they are lacking in the technical arena. I mean, sure, do a Flash animated banner or wizzy-doo here and there. But to do a whole e-commerce front-end in Flash? This isn’t a landing page or flyer-page. Ugh! Somebody give me a drink! Four star Comic entertainment company has just digitally pooped royale. No, I don’t hate Flash. It has it’s place and is very good at what it does. Just not the entire effin screen, okay? Freaking Web Dev cheats gone to far.

Okay, I am done.

Ehm, why don’t you tell them? :wink:

I’m seeing more and more companies doing all flash sites.

Isn’t that the wave of the future? I think you may be seeing this become more popular amongst people that need something shiny dangled in front of them just to get their attention for a few moments. Everybody’s ADD these days you know… (drug companies gotta sell some dope!)

People are getting to be more and more like monkees ya know
(specially these young whipper snappers…)

I should let them know how I feel about it, but after reading a couple articles about the debut of their site, I just left a post of my thoughts on one of the main industry websites that had their article posted.

They have chosen to go Flash to ensure they have cross-platform reliability.

Whatever (yes, apathy). I don’t care for their decision, but that’s life. I’ll move on.

Too many intelligent people have set the foundation for HTML today and it is incorporating best and efficient practices with each new generation. Flash is an art tool that requires it’s own proprietary player, not a global IT tool that promotes simple and standard world wide communications.

Seriously, I’m done now. Thank you for reading and posting.

No, mount a world wide boycott campaign…you can get them to change this!

We’ll all be right behind you…