Db Design for Restaurant operating time

Need help in designing a db to store the operation time of a restaurant.

Opening days - monday thru sunday
Timings - closed for breaks after lunch and saturday timings etc.

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This answer my question too but how would you select day and time from the frontend?

Any idea what UI could look like for a day of week and time

day VARCHAR(9),
timestart TIME,
timeend TIME

nothing says day has to be unique.

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better to have only one table for people

no, in this case it is

PRIMARY KEY ( restid, weekday, opentime )

Thanks you.

Have another question.

There is a USER. who can tweet (status Messages )

a User can be assigned ownership of a restaurant and can tweet Rest status messages also but as a rest.

Is it better to have users seperately to rest owners or is it ok to make rest owners also as users.

CREATE TABLE opening_hours
, opentime TIME NOT NULL
, closetime TIME NOT NULL
, PRIMARY KEY ( restid, weekday, opentime )
INSERT INTO opening_hours VALUES

the sample data is for two restaurants – the first one, restaurant 21, is open 7 days a week, while the second one, restaurant 44, is open only monday-friday

i am a little confused. u mean natural key in this case is rest_id ?

two rows

thanks buddy.

the problem is… some rest open 10am to 4.30pm then 7pm to 11pm… was wondering how to accomodate that. ;(

Some rest will vary the timings according to the day. so need to accomodate that.

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@r937 when should a table have an id - unique and autoincrement ?

i use it on all tables. is there a reason u havent used it in ur example ?

use a surrogate key (which is what an auto_increment is) only when there is no suitable natural key available for the purpose

As i said… day doesnt have to be unique.

The above restaurant is open from 8 AM till 12, and 2 PM til 10 on day 4 (which is… Wednesday, if my memory of the date function is accurate)