Day 2: The Great Photography Competition

This vBulletin forum has vbulletin “lightbox” in play. Methinks as well that’s tied into the jQuery call.

As to turning off javascript on an iPhone, not sure that is an option. :wink:

Thanks for your input though.

Here is my postbox photo, I felt rather silly taking photos of a post box as everyone walked by wondering what I was up to!

My second shot

pixelfuze, great picture, the result was well worth the crawl on the ground.
Great angle and location.

Here’s my attempt. This is my first submission for a contest; please be gentle.

night time, taxis waiting for the train to come in

Not certain if this has already been brought up elsewhere but the js fails for the onclick when looking at attachments with an iPhone.

Good. That simplifies it indeed :slight_smile:

Oh man, if they were still running that ad… the busses (or was it the trams?) in Rotterdam had for a while the half-naked bottoms of people (sitting in a sauna?) which matched up the windows, so the people sitting in the bus looked like they were naked. Was awesome, lawlz.

M0AR BUS ADS PLS they are usually awesome.

Ok…here goes another shot at it. This is a shot of a bus at the transfer station downtown Bellevue, WA.

I really like your beach taxi photo Datura. Awesome.

Just under 23 hours left. It’s currently 5:15 pm here. You have until 4pm tomorrow.

Here is my day 2 attempt:

how much time is left? it is 1:27pm here

Here is my day 2 entry. Somehow I took a ton of pictures of mail boxes and ended up with better shots of buses.

LOL. Be careful you don’t get run over by ANOTHER bus.

Here’s mine. Not particularly proud of it, but lining up a shot of a moving bus in the middle of traffic is harder than it looks…

Works for me :slight_smile:

Assignment 2:
Ok, we have no taxis or buses in my town, so that was out.
…So I swung by the post office.
We’re having a heatwave in NH, and this mailbox happened to have a thermometer above it… 100 degrees at 5pm. And Humid… Yuck!

Stay cool!

Oh man, we have a lot of those around here, these concrete critters are also done as pelicans and herons…