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I faced a huge problem with my dating websites: most of “follow” blogs are not allow dating content.
Do you know blogs, which allow creation dating blogs?


First i will tell you i am not an expert, but i have try it my self the hard way work work work and some work again : ), you have a good design and there are some good function on your site, but try to do something about your picture there don’t have a “Alt Image tag” and also try to use “H1” and “H2” tag, after this you need more backlink to you site.

Some of the big name in dating use about 20.000 $ daily to get visitors to there sites, and we speak about free dating sites also, they make money on ads.

I have a dating site, and i think i have used 2000 hour untill now and also some money i have one paying member and about 1200 free members.

Now i daily have 2 - 7 new members i give them 185 days free whit all functions.

It’s hard if i know what i know now i never have start this site, when you start to rang for some word and phrases somebody do more than you and you go back again and have to do more backlink, articles, etc.

Here are some sites for you but don’t over do it and they ban you. : signatur link dofollow link : signatur link dofollow link

I can see you have PR : 3 Alexa : 191,592 Compete : 142,121 Mozrank : 6,03

It not so bad.

Good luck

I m not sure or I dont know which allow …

Cause mostly, please sorry I dont mean to offend, dating sites are mostly considered as spams … and If Do Follow sites allow your content, they are worried if yours is spam and then they have to share their page rank with u…

Consequently … if your site is spam and considered bad in search engine… the DO Follow sites who allow your content will lose their page rank too as they share theirs with your site …

That is as far as i know :slight_smile:

Dating websites are certainly not considered by websites for Links as most of the websites do not find it useful. Hence, you do not get Backlinks from other websites. I would suggest you to Study some Dating website having higher rankings and check what kind of SEO work is done on the websites so that you can do it for your website and get better rankings.

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Yes you can’t just ignore the role of Google so you should optimize few effective keywords for better ranking. Also social networking should work if you target specific audience.

Most dating sites or blogs nowadays are considered as spam or a site carrying malicious content. So, they simply aren’t a good idea if you want to make money out of your blog.
It is better for you to find a new niche.

Finding relevant, high quality sites to link to your dating site can be very tough. For one, most high PR dating sites don’t want to promote the competition. This means that they will only give you a link if it seems to benefit them more than it will you. This means dating sites are only looking to exchange links with other dating sites that have a higher PR than them. I’ve had webmasters tell me that they loved my content, and that they would love to link to me “when I have a higher PR”. Crazy, eh?

However, most people know that link exchanges don’t count for much these days. As for posting in forums, I’ve yet to find a dating forum that allows signatures with links. If anybody knows any, can you please post here. I’ve been kicked out of a few dating forums simply by including my link in my signature, even though I never mentioned my site in any of my posts.

Does posting dating site links on a forum intended for SEO help? Who knows.

One good way to achieve one-way links for your dating site is to write quality articles.

I hope people may visit your blog more often if you add content from real users & their everyday personal dating experiences. :slight_smile:

That’s really nice advise! I think it would be really interesting to read such things. Sharing experience! Super!

How is that a huge problem? If you are only dropping traffic to get ranking in the hopes of climbing the Search Ladder then you are NOT marketing. What’s wrong with placing a quality comment on a NoFollow Blog? The link still works right? The person reading might actually have some interest in your Blog and come and visit. Plus the bonus is that most of the spam comments won’t be there so the other comments will also be more relevant to the discussion.

i tihnk that promotion date sites is a bit more difficult to any other website promotion strategy u are to more accurate with words and links and most of the webmaster would think 2 times before adding your link. so u are to think of the strategy very well and analyze all sources before setting it up. i would recommend blogging your our information and commenting on SM resources… twitter facebook y tube.

Most of dating site are considered spam. If not, spammers will definitely join your site to make use of your traffic.

dating niche are very competetive now


I’m still wondering if anyone on this forum knows of any dating related blogs or forums that allow links in the signature. I have no intention of spamming these sites. I fully plan to contribute in a intelligent and meaningful way.

I spent months contributing on a few of the top dating forums. My answers and opinions were always thoughtful and relevant. Then, after months of contributing, I finally decided to add a link in my signature. Bang, I got kicked off from all these forums the first link signature I added. They called it spamming. I don’t think they actually know what spamming is.

So, anyone know? I know most dating site owners want to keep these treasures to themsleves. This keeps down the competition. However, I’m hoping there are a few selfless webmasters out there still.

As far as I know If you want to promote your dating Site or Blog it would be quite difficult because there are thousands already there … it will take a long time to get a page rank and drive more traffic. If you have enough knowledge with some extra experience in article writing and you know you can post quality contents then you might promote your website very easily.

it indeed can be very spammy-like but if u make it quality one , then no problems in the way !

Basically, If you are going to comment using dating blogs you must comment at related blogs only.

Online internet dating is really good way to convey all sorts of message immediately but one must have to spent some time exploring dating services.Thanks for the recommendation.:slight_smile:

dating sites, uhmm i think they are spams

Yeah, most of the moderators thought that it was a spam. so better you need to find same niche blogs to post.