Datalist - Two columns

is it possible to create a datalist which displays the results in two columns, rather than just one as this just seems to create a long list, and not use the best of available space? I’ve looked but can’t seem to see what/how it may be possible? many thanks for any advice.

I’m sure I have miss-understood the question on this because it seems simple.

All a data list is is tables. Create yourself another <td> cell combination and everything should be fine.

<asp:DataList id="dl" runat="server">
          <table width="100%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
                   <td>Result column 1</td>
                   <td>Result column 2</td>

Adjust to suit.

I think what they are asking for is the results not each item in the results.

Set the RepeatDirection property of the datalist to Horizontal and the RepeatColumns property of the datalist to 2.

Thanks, it was the RepeatDirection/Columns which i was looking for. I’m still quite new to .net but will try to make my questions clearer, one day i’ll be able to answer someone elses, but till then…cheers