DataGrid not appearing?

Flash has a nice, neat UI.
Drag, drop, all pretty. Or not.

I have a simple FLA organized thusly:
Root (Scene1)
-Symbol1 (MovieClip)
–GamelistBox (MovieClip)
—gamelist (Component:Datagrid)
—TLF Text
–Gamelistbottom (MovieClip)

Symbol1 is tweened and tweens correctly, the TLF is there, but the DataGrid is nowhere to be seen in the movie when it is run. It appears on the stage, and moves as it should during the tween when i move the timeline in creation-time… am i missing something obvious?

Okay nevermind. I’m a fool - the object was being hidden by the instance of GamelistBox being mis-typed as a Graphic instead of a MovieClip - teach me to change types when swapping instances.