Datagrid Highlighting - FLA included

I’ve been WASTING my time trying to get this to work.

I’m using a dataGrid.

What I want: on mouse over, highlight JUST THE CELL
What happens: on mouse over, the WHOLE ROW highlights.

I haven’t had any luck using the cellRender class or any other class that the dataGrid uses. I’d really appreciate some ideas or solutions to this.

Oh yeah, I yanked the example from here (it’s at the very bottom):

That example has the functionality that I want. If I stick the exact same code in my test FLA (attached), it does not work. Is this a browser\flash version difference?


I am also facing the same issue in AS 3.0

datagrid cell highlighted issue.

any body have any idea? how to solve this issue?

2.0 or 3.0?

Actionscript 3.
Windows XP