Databases in WAMPserver

Now that I’ve got as far as phpmyadmin, I have a couple of questions about setting up databases and setting passwords.

First of all, I downloaded Textpattern CMS to try. Its setup screen states: “Note that the database you specify must already exist. Textpattern will not create it.”

So could someone point me towards a very easy to understand guide to doing that? So far, some help files have not helped and Googling has only found very complex geek-speak instructions! I need a newbie tutorial, really.

Second question is about the warning on the phpmyadmin page about the lack of a password. On looking around, I found the function to set passwords in Privileges, so I set a password for each “root” entry listed, but I still have the message.

Is this actually a problem, given that I’m not working on a web server? Or does this need to be fixed? Again, I Googled for an answer, but what I found only told me to do what I’ve already done.

the default phpmyadmin url for wamp is localhost/phpmyadmin .

you can set the permissions and passwords in privileges (phpmyadmin default screen)

I don’t know how Textpattern works but for Wordpress I have just to create an empty database in phpmyadmin. Maybe that will for work for you. I think you don’t have to worry about empty root password as far your’re working on localhost.

You may want to consider creating a new MySQL user whose usages right would be for that database only (but without DROP table) so that is the datase user used for that app gets comprismised a hacker can’t access other databases with that user.

Sorry, spacephoenix, but that doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. Like I say, I need an easy-to-understand newbie tutorial, really.

In PHPMyAdmin create a database. The user you create it with will already have access to it. You should find the option on the “Databases” page (sorry I haven’t used PHPMyAdmin in a while and can’t get any more specific than that).

As for the privileges, if you plan on just using this for development keep with the standard user. If however you will be displaying the site to the public create a new user and assign permissions to only the database you created.