Database update message

Hello All,

I have designed a website. Now i am stuck with a problem here. I have added some new fields into my database. i want to add a script whcih works like this:

Whenever a user login to his account,script automatically checks that all the data is filled in database for that user or not, if something is not missing then user can be forwarded to his normal page and if something is missing then a box will open showing a message to update the profile for following field(then displays the field). Same script should be able to update the missing fields to database.
That dialogue box should have skip button to so that user can do it later. But that dialouge box should appear on each login till the fields are filled.

I know its a complicated script and i have tried my best to create it. Now i need a genius from you who can help me on this please.


Why don’t you run a query something like

if exists (select 1 from table where userid=''theuser' and (field1 = '' or field2 ='' ...  )
 select 'user has missing fields' as [your output column name]

Then take it ahead from there if indeed the user has missing fields ?

I tried this but not working in the way i want.

what language is this, php?

because we should really move this thread to the appropriate forum

Agreed @shail_arya; Unless this is a database problem and not a script that works with a database problem you are more likely to find help in a more appropiate forum.

Its a php.

Show the code you have so far, so we can see what might be causing it to not work the way you want it to.