Database types strategy

I am still a relative newbie when it comes to MySQL databases, so excuse the silliness of the question.

I am currently working on a project where it would require a lot of queries, and obviously, the amount of people this project is aimed at, would be relatively high, so the queries to bring up details for this site would be hard to say what it would be in the future

What is the best type of mysql database that is good for a medium to big site?

All I am doing at the moment for a personal project, I am doing is using the database to be queried for the correct image to be displayed on the website when someone wants a particular type of photos to be displayed with other details such as description etc…, as far as I know, I am using the default type of InnoDB, which I am told uses up a lot of resources, would this be the case for the InnoDB?

I assume you’re talking about performance? It’s important to note that different storage engines bring with them different features - and so performance should not be your only concern. For example, some storage engines support transactions (InnoDB), others don’t (MyIsam); some have row-level locking, others have table-level locking; some have persistent connections; some have data compression; and so on. The fact is, you need to analyse your business requirements to see which storage engine fits your application needs the best.

I’ve found the book Expert PHP and MySQL to be a good source of information on this.

Ah, I think I will stick with InnoDB because I need frequent insert, update and delete, if needed in the latter, but are there anyway I can tweak the performance out of the InnoDB?

Yes, you can tweak the performance of your database later on. This could include indexing certain columns that are often used for lookups (though be aware that this can have a performance hit on inserts), along with individual query optimisations, query caching (and other caching forms), etc.

I do like where you’re coming from but does this include MySQL? Also, will all the subjects not open up a new link, I don’t want to continually close multiple tabs on a browser…

Yes, though your mileage for database optimisation will vary from database-to-database.

As for threads opening up in new links, I believe you can turn this off (it’s off by default) in your preferences (in the other section).

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