Database import failed in postgresql

sample database import to PostgreSQL DB failed.

This sample database file “dellstore2” is basically available here Link

Here is the my db details
Database : postgresql 9.4.7
Host : AWS RDS postgresql
data Import tool : pgadmin 4
database file.

Here is the issue I faced during database import.( screen captured in video)

Can anyone please tell what is going wrong with this ?

I tried with databse restore and psql command line also but there was no success.

Is there any way to upload this sample database in postgresql ?

vimeo link is b0rk3n

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please see this (see in fullscreen )

thanks… had never seen that before

not sure how COPY ... FROM STDIN is supposed to work, sorry

have you checked the manual?

This is probably supposed to work from command line ( stdin ).

I did this import from command line stdin also like below from my windows box

psql -f dellstore2-normal-1.0.sql --host --port 5432 --username xxxxxxx --password xxxxxxx --dbname dellstore2

did not work either.

Could you please give it a try and let me know if you have any luck to the import to your local postgresql db

This sample database file “dellstore2” is basically available here Link

here is the same sql file in github also


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