Database Design suggestions

Hi thanks for viewing my issues and supporting me in that regards, I have a web based system in ASP.NET and I have users in this system , the basic idea of the system is it is just like a quiz engine we are assigning questions to each user and they then will give the answer of that question, there are different type of question like

  • Numeric type
  • Dropdown Type(yes/no)

I am tackling all these requirement very fine .
now below is the issue which i am facing , I have users into my application and each user is coming from a different region of the country so while creating users profile i am assigning the location to the user as well and my location are not just country or city , they are like that
Country --------> having (one or many )----->Cities
Cities--------> having (one or many )----->States
States--------> having (one or many )----->Villages
so while creating Users I am assigning a Country , city,States,villages to users so lets discuss my problem right now …
I have question and their number values like that …
Q#01: Number of Teachers Hired
so for the above question I have a target value and i set the target value such that i say 10 is the target value , now the user have to give the answer like that from these 10 how much he/she did out of ten
so my question is of type target vs achieved values
Now i want to give the target based on location like Target for Country ,Target for City,Target for states,target for villages
just like
Q#01: Number of Teachers Hired (EITHER IN COUNTRY,CITY,STATE,VILLAGE) so when the user answer this question and give the achieved output value mean answer then it should saved based on location.
What would be the database structure any one example here please share with me .

at the end i again let you know about the issue is i have question and answer and these question have target value and user have to give achieved value like
Q:no of scholls (target=4)
so i want to give the target and want to get the achieved value based on location target can be set on Country level,City level,State level,Villages level and answer also can be give in that structure .

any one can guide me how to handle this

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