Database Design Help

hey forum,

long time @ SP …a warm hello then…lol

All I’m tryin to design a yellow page directory…

but got some problem with database design. I have two type of audiences…

  1. Online Traffic (User Searching our yellow pages LIVE)
  2. Business to be registered

What i feel there must be these tables

  1. Business (Will contain all the information about business, and other identifiers)
  2. City (Which contain list of cities + states + countries)
  3. Categories
  4. User Reviews
  5. User Registration Table
  6. Business Rating Table

All looks great to me, but just one…3).

Categories, how to deal with this, when sub-categories come to existence…

thanks for your help in advance…

You can add a parent_id column to your categories table.
Look here for more info: