Database design: A separate table for color for clothes?

So this is an online clothing store and the problem is, clothes are added by the retailers so if they’re going to type the 1st and 2nd color of the clothes it would be difficult to detect typos or also there might be some really non-frequently-used colors that they will enter, and so on…, So I wonder whether a separate table is needed for just providing some certain colors to the retailers to choose from, or there is another solution you have? I know SQL but I always struggle with such design decisions as I don’t have much experience. Thanks in advance.

Yes, without seeing the current db schema it sounds like there should be a separate table for colors.

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ask yourself what is the actual harm if clothes carry the colour descriptions exactly as provided by the retailers, and what would be the problems facing the people using the application if they had to deal with retailers who wanted to add a colour that wasn’t already in the colour table

in my mind – don’t @ me, people – this isn’t a database question

It sounds like you might want separate color palettes per retailer. Each retailer will probably have their own interpretation of a color and swatches they want to use to represent that color.

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