Database copy from godaddy site

I have a website hosted with godaddy. I am still
working on some features of it. Recently i formated my
system and i’ve lost the sql files that created the db(ms sql server 2000)
on godaddy through query analyzer. I need the db now
as i need to add more tables and make a few changes. I
am new to this and i do not know how i can copy the
website db on godaddy to my local machine? I did not
find godady help much useful for a starter like me.

can i make sql files out of site db on godaddy? OR what are other methods to copy?

Any help would be appreciated.

Do you have access to query tools against the database on godaddy? if so, I can give you a script to reverse engineer all of the objects, but if you need the data in the tables, we will have to either perform a database backup (I am sure they should let you do that) or we will have to generate INSERT statements or BULK COPY the data out.

A lot of the options depend on how they let you connect to SQL Server.

I am a SQL Server DBA by trade and can assist if you like.

Hi Marty,

             I contacted  godaddy  support to know how to make a backup of my site database from their system  This is what the support replied.

"Unfortunately, you cannot obtain an actual backup, but you can export the information from the database.

To export the data from your MS SQL Database, please follow the instructions below:

First, log into your customer account:

Go to the Go Daddy Account Login Page.
Log in using your account username (which may be the same as your customer number) and password.

If you have trouble logging in, our password reset form may help you.
You can find this form through the following link: Password Reset Form

Once logged in just follow these steps:

. Select ‘Web Hosting & Databases’ from the ‘Hosting & Email’ menu at the top of the page.
. Click the ‘Open’ link under the Control panel heading for the hosting account which holds your database.
. Click the button for the type of database you are attempting to manage.
. Click the ‘Open Manager’ button.
. Click on the subcategory called “Connection”
. Enter your username and password to the right and click “connect”
. Once connected, select the (+) next to the database you want to export under the “databases” folder on the left.
. Select the “Tables” subcategory
. Click on the icon for “Content” on the right. The options for “export as csv” and “export as XML” are available as icons to the right of “actions”

Please let us know if we can assist you in any other way."

I tired what they said, their solution doesn’t do anything much more than giving me names of columns( just names, no table name, no data types , no constraints etc etc…) that is it just gave me a file that i was able to open in notepad and see only the columns for one particular table that i exported.

Any suggestions?

Is it possible that if i know the database hosting server name, the database name and the username and password for the database, i can create a backup from my home pc by connecting to the hosting database? Is this possible, any tools etc, please excuse my knowledge about ms sql server , tools etc. as i am not too old into this stuff.

Many thanks in advance to anyone who cares to answer.

Not really–it still needs to backup to the file system on the database server, which you don’t have access to.

You might be able to use the SQL server hosting toolkit to generate a sql script.