Database Cleanup

Somebody :wink: uploaded some bad data (serialized php) into my database and I’m trying to figure out how to clean it up using a MySQL query.

The bad data looks like this:

I’ve tried this pair of queries but my database keeps giving me the all too familiar, “You have an error in your SQL syntax;”
UPDATE profile_values SET value SUBSTRING_INDEX(value, ‘"’, -2) WHERE fid = 1 AND uid = 22;
UPDATE profile_values SET value TRIM(TRAILING ‘";}’ FROM value) WHERE fid = 1 AND uid = 22;

I built these queries using these examples from the MySQL reference:

mysql> SELECT SUBSTRING_INDEX(‘’, ‘.’, -2);
-> ‘

mysql> SELECT TRIM(TRAILING ‘xyz’ FROM ‘barxxyz’);
-> ‘barx’

Any direction anyone can give would be greatly appreciated.

You’re missing a =

SET `value` = 

Thanks guido2004