Database categories in menu

I have to make a website with jokes and I have no idea how to build the menu.
In the database I have
funny stories
funny hobbies

each category has a

Each menu, categories and subcategories, is very long and because of this I don’t know how to put it in the menu. If I make a drop down menu, like a top navigation, you have to scroll down a lot to select a category and then if you click on a subcategory again you have to scroll down a lot.

I was thinking to make 2 right sidebars and in one to put all the categories and when you click on one category, the subcategories will show up in the sec sidebar. But in the beginning this sec sidebar, for subcategories, will be empty, and this looks ugly.

If someone has ideas please tell me.

How about ‘hiding’ the sub-categories at start, and only display ‘if’ the main category is being clicked on?

Roysta, I was saying the same thing, if I have the two right sidebars. But that means in the beginning one sidebar is gonna be empty, if I hide the subcategories, and that doesn’t look nice.

i was thinking about hiding the whole < div >, not just the “words”… so that a start you’ll only see one single column, which ‘expands’ / ‘pushes the main content to the side’ once it should be displayed…

Ooo, now I see what you mean. Should be a diff way to build this menu than side bars, because,think in this moment I have 30 categories, and more that 50 subcategories. This very long menu in sidebar, even like category, 30 items to display from top down, doesn’t look very nice. I have to make the font size very small to look ok :).

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