Data-sort-type="date" not working

Has anybody else had a problem getting data-sort-type=“date” to work? It works in Chrome, but not with Safari, FireFox or IE and I haven’t been able to find a solution on Google.

Has anybody else encountered the same problem and found a solution?

If it helps my date is written 31 December 1992

That’s hard to tell without seeing any JS. ;-) Are you by chance using the datatables library?

I’m not able to see the JS but yes it does use dataTables, does that make a difference?

Well yes, this is a very library-specific question – there is no native data-sort-type support (in fact, the sole purpose of data-attributes is to store some sort of extra information to be accessed by JS or CSS). I’m not familiar with datatables I’m afraid, but maybe there’s an error message in the console?

I don’t get any errors at all but maybe it’s to do with the format of the date - I’ll try changing it to completely numeric.


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