Data normalizer

Let’s say we have the following tabbed data:

1.100    2.100    3.100
1.200    2.200    3.200
1.300    2.300    3.300

I have to normalize these values between 0 and 1 using the following code for min/max normalization:

var dmin:Number = Math.min.apply(this, Arr);
var dmax:Number = Math.max.apply(this, Arr);
for(var i:Number = 0; i < Arr.length;i++){
    var delta:Number = ((Arr[i]-dmin)/(dmax-dmin));

This means that first I have to convert each of the columns into separate array, after that to find min and max value of each array and finally to normalize the column(s) values with the corresponding min/max values of each column using the formula above in order to obtain the starting matrix (tabbed data) but with normalized values.

I’ve already tried something treating each column separately, which is a pretty long task with a lot of variables.

Is it possible to make this dynamically?

Thanks in advance,