Data Grid and PPR - HTML 5


I have a following requirement and a scenario. This is HTML5.

  1. Let’s say there are two links as shown below under tag

Link1: Load Customers Link2: Load Suppliers

  1. When Link1 is clicked, it needs to display all the customer in a data grid on the same page without refreshing the whole page. It should NOT work like _blank or _self properties when opening the page.

  2. When Link2 is clicked, it needs to display all of suppliers in data grid for the supplier. Please note that fields on this data grid and customer data grid are vastly different.

So, each time, when above links are clicked page needs to call their grids respectively without refreshing the whole page. In other words These grids MUST load on the bottom half of the same page where above links are located.

There is this thing called Partial Page Rendering. Not sure if this is what it means by PPR.


How can I achieve above functionality WITHOUT iFRAMEs? Do I have to use iFRAMES?


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