Dashes or spaces in keyword?


A friend told me that it is better to separate keywords using spaces. For example: my keyword is “försäkring” (insurance in Swedish). And the body text is about different kind of insurances – for example “burglary insurance”. The correct writing in Swedish is “inbrottsförsäkring”, not “inbrotts försäkring” (personally I hate this kind of writing). But, according to my friend the wrong way is better for ranking (and he can prove it, he said).

How about writing “inbrotts-försäkring” ? That is at least correct writing :wink:

Regards, Magnus

A funny Swedish writing is “sjuk sköterska” (nurse). Separating the word in two parts and you interpret it “sick nurse”

I’m not familiar with the Swedish language but it would make sense to me that Google would accommodate for this. Google consistently says that we should be writing content so it’s usable for users. That being the case, it would make sense to write your content so it’s correct in the Swedish language rather than attempting to accommodate search engines.

I’d be interested to see the proof that your friend has.

^ I agree. Just write using natural, grammatically correct language.

If “inbrottsförsäkring” is the correct spelling, then use it. Of course if you translate into English then it would be “burglary insurance” 2 words.

Write for users.
Make it clear for your readers and you will get positive result in term on SEO

Okay, thanks.

(I will ask him for the details… )