Darn IE7 issues!

On our website if you add a product to the cart and then click “checkout” it takes you to a section to Checkout as a Guest or Register. On this page we have some layout issues in IE7, it appears to be fine in FF, Chrome and IE8.

Also on product pages themselves you’ll notice we have “product description” and “delivery” tabs but the content is near the bottom and not sure why? Again this just happens in IE7.

Any help would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

The issue on the product page seems to be the reverse of the above and the box in the middle has been set to clear:both and it is clearing other floats.

Contain the clearing with haslayout like so:


Excellent that appears to have done the job :slight_smile:

Hi,The problem on the checkout page is one of clearing and IE7 is snagging its floats so make sure you clear the float above when you want a new line.

.col2-set .col-1 {
.opc li.section { /*border:1px solid #ddd;*/
[B]    clear:both;[/B]
[B]    width:100%;/* haslayout*/[/B]