Daily Online Website Promotion Methods

Hello everyone,
I have a question about what people can do everyday to promote their website.
I would like to know what I can do everytime I sit down at my computer to bring traffic to my website.

A few things that I have looked into to bring traffic to my site are as follows:

  1. Google adwords - this has been a good source of traffic to the website. You get to really target your traffic with the ads you create. Also you get to set a daily budget for how much you are willing to spend.

  2. General search engine submittion and directories - We are listed on google, yahoo etc. We are getting about 15-20 vistors from google each day which I would like to see improved over time.

  3. Exchange traffic - With this method we did see traffic but they didn’t explore the site. It was just like they clicked on to earn a credit and not look at the site. This type of promotion is not very targeted as adwords. Adwords resulted in people clicking on a google ad and looking through the website.

Now I am wondering what I can do daily each time I sit at the computer to promote my website and generate targeted traffic.

Are there websites that would help me achive this each day?
Are there some other promotional methods that I am missing?

Thanks in advance for your information


Daily taks which I do involve, but not limited to.

Every day submit a full length article. Unique content is key as SE’s will return more frequently when they see updates being made frequently.

Allow users to supply content which allows them to do the work and also provide unique content.

E-mail related sites enquiring about a link exchange. Make the e-mail a personal e-mail and not a template, suggesting why the sites should exchange links. Ensure the anchor text they link you with are included if possible.

I send a targetted email (not daily, perhaps bi-weekly) to people who have subscribed to my mailing list.

Use an RSS feed so that when new content is published users are instantly notified and are more likely to re-visit. Use small snippets to encourage them to return to the actual site.

One of the daily promotion methods I use is make posts at forums with a link in my siggy.

Like this one… hahaha

Posting in fourms is a great idea but which forums all you to promote your website on a daily basis?

Using a signture is a good idea but when doing so are we really getting targeted traffic to the site?

I just made a classified ad with craiglist. I notice a lot of people talking about it and decided to give it a try. What do you guys think of craiglist?

What are some websites that you visit daily to promote your websites?



Participate in the communities where your target customers hang out.

Contribute to forums, comment on blogs, guest write blog posts, have conversations on twitter, answer questions on LinkedIn or Yahoo! Answers, post a blog on your own website.

Just make sure that when you participate in any of the above, that the keyword is participate, not sell or promote.


Become an active member of communities like what drew said. The more you get yourself out there the more attention you will attract. If you can build yourself up as an authority source people will naturally start coming to your site.

I haven’t tried Craigslist yet or i might get banned, LOL! well, updates and contents will dramatically change SERP and somehow your lead to getting sales. targeting the desired traffic would be the exciting part.

Try to keep your audience posting to Social Media Networks too.

Yahoo answers is also a good way to get targeted traffic if you use it wisely.

How do you do this without getting suspended?

Yahoo Answers, along with posting in boards, is one of the worst ways.

He, she, is posting crap, just to post.

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