Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA) in the US

The Senate passed this, so it’s presumed that the House will pass it or that they’ll combine it with a previous similar bill. Obama will most likely sign whatever they come up with.

Bill allows companies to share their data with Homeland Security, and there are some vague language around anonymizing or leaving out personally identifying information, but loose enough that people are really worried.

So, to keep this a non political discussion, I have an actual question. As web professional (student, designer, developer, administrator, content creator, etc), what do you consider to be more important in our online interactions - safety and security, or privacy? Where do you feel the line is? Is a world without online privacy and anonymity a better one? Or a world where the governments know everything about everyone in the name of security against data or identity theft?

To start, I know I’m not knowledgeable or strong enough to survive in a Wild West.
Second, if we all in general believe commerce and therefore “Le Big Corporations, Man” should be a part of this Interwebz and we want to Shop there, we have to agree that we’re not going to have or want any Wild West, at least not in that area, and that some privacy has to be sacrificed for security.

It’s a question of context mostly.

I think the real question comes in where people don’t have much choice: work and school areas where you simply cannot use what you need without telling the institutions involved the colour of your grandma’s tampon while they don’t grok security enough to prevent fairly-private things from getting leaked out through ridiculous stupid silly zomgwtf leaks.

Oh and banks. Screw those nutjob stupids. Seriously. The way they allow someone to just assume someone’s identity simply by knowing some very-nonsecret PUBLIC information about them, stuff you can get from the interwebs or someone’s trash. This ends up being normal-people’s problems while they have no way to stop it, due to banks having such silly and lax and ridiculous so-called “security” standards. Man, those should result in big fines.

In the end, I feel people should be able to do what they do in the real world: walking down the street, people don’t know your bank number or whether you prefer dogs or cats, but purchasing from a store, banking, and medical interactions have the information they need to safely perform their services. A mixture of privacy and security based on user choices and CONTEXT.


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