CWRs are well-paid at; oDesk or Freelancer?


Do you guys have any idea of the payments between oDesk and Freelancer? I mean, which one of them is paying well to them?

Before this thread gets locked (for discussion of pay):

It is my understanding neither oDesk nor Freelancer “pay.”

The clients who go there pay. And it’s largely pay for hiring typists – not writers. Your pay is, by and large, a matter of the value you create in the minds of clients.

Programmers only know the one model for any such site, and it is “lowest alphanumeric string wins.”

When the audience you market to is used to paying pennies per ton (for pixels, words, or code), you have to position yourself against content writers to get anything like pay. (I’d sooner call it a token of esteem than pay).

I mean, which one of them is paying well to them?

It’s not entirely possible to tell with certainty, but with sentence construction like that …I wouldn’t worry about pay.

Odesk and Freelancer simply facilitate the transactions between clients and independent contractors. The payment is solely based on how much the client is willing to put out on the service offered.

Thanks to both of you for such descriptive answers. I really appreciate your efforts and knowledge both.