Cutting SWF file or replicating smaller version of it

Hi guys,

Tricky situation. Client wants to replicate an animated plate at top of banner ( murina(dot)com ) and put it into new design. The problem is that the whole banner, not just the plate is done in flash while I only need the plate. Is there some way to cut it out? What do you think could be done?

Sorry, it’s murina(dot)lt . I just use the link to illustrate my problem clearer.

You could decompile the swf then restage it so that you have only the plate visible instead of the whole page width, then export as a frame sequence. You can then import the frame sequence into photoshop to export as an animated .gif (you can actually do this within flash itself, however the colour reduction optimisation isn’t very sophisticated compared to photoshop and produces lower quality results). Then you can have a separate banner background as a standar image and an animated gif to the right.

Thanks, EastCoast, tha’s brilliant! What does it mean decompile? Is it simply a matter of opening it with Flash? I don’t have Flash unfortunately so I will find someone who does but first I want to make sure if I understand all stages correctly.

You need a separate swf decompilation application - flash itself cannot perform the swf to .fla decompilation conversion. You can get a 30 day trial of flash free from Adobe.