Cutting paths in illustrator cs4

Hi there,

I have a group of circles which i would like to cut through…
Ive tried the knife tool - just seems to add another blue line,
and ive tried the scissors tool… it just gives me an error message

Can anyone help?
see screenshot attached of the circles and error message

Make click over the lines where you need to cut the circles with the Scissors tool, then use the Selection Tool to separate the circle lines as necessary.
This has to work, I just did it to be sure.

Ok so heres the steps i tried:

  1. Created a round circle.
  2. clicked on this circle with the scissors tool like you said above
  3. then used the selection tool to try move half of the circle away? didnt work

I need to cut these circles in half :frowning:

ok for all the newbies like me … here are the steps thanks to a friend of mine:

select circles
object > path > outline stroke
window > pathfinder
select all the circles that you want to cut through
unite them
that’s the first icon left top on that window

now place a rectangle over the section that you want to delete making sure that it is positioned over the cirlcles
select the rectangle and the united circles
select the minus front (second icon in pathfinder)

Ok, but you have to click in two places in the circle to cut it, think like you are cutting a wire circle with some scissors, you will need to make two cuts in the circle in order to have two parts separated. That is what I said to cut as necessary.

Use the Eraser tool to erase a small segment. This turns your circle shape into a line with two endpoints (remember that circles are really just four anchor points connected). You can add/delete anchor points where you need them and get the right size while keeping the circle shape.

Since you want a half circle (let’s say the left half) you can erase the majority of the right hand side of the circle, then use the Delete Anchor Point tool to delete the stray ends, leaving the original top, left and bottom anchor points.

After this, keep in mind that the stroke of the shape will only go around where the original shape was and you will need to connect the two end points to get a shape with a stroke on all sides. If you give the shape a fill color, it will fill-in up to the two end points and create a straight line between them, no connecting the dots needed.

I can try making screenshots if you think it would help.

thanks guys , but i posted the answer before you replied :wink:
That was the best way i found!


Well, there’s usually more than one way to get any result in Illustrator. :smiley:

The method your friend gave you turns the stroke of your line into it’s own shape with the stroke color turned to fill color. (If you add a stroke now you would have a brush stroke around your converted line.) If you already got the line width and style that you want this may be fine, but using the Eraser tool your line stays a line and you can still change the stroke size and brush if you need to. Just gives you a little more control if you want it.