Customizing page display in Blackboard

Has anyone had any success customizing the look of pages within the Blackboard e-Learning shell (using e.g., css or tables)?

I’m new to using BB and find the UI really disorienting and unconducive to learning. I’d like to find a way to draw a nice-looking border around page content to focus the user’s eye away from distracting content in the nav frames. So far, it seems like the BB editor strips any css declarations I try to make, and it reformats my tables by adding <tbody> tags.

What I’d like to do is write some code to make the page look like I want it to and plug it in the editor, but it seems like the editor’s been designed to prevent people from doing this!

Any help or advice would be appreciated (and, yes, I do have to use Blackboard–alternatives are not an option, sadly).



I’ve used tables in Blackboard a lot. Haven’t figured out to use CSS in it, (other than inlining everything, which doesn’t gain anything).