Customizing meta information in wordpress template

hello, i have purchased a wordpress theme, by defaul it picks up the content from page and then set its first few lines as meta description, the template has 5 built-in pages names such as all_categories.php, all_locations.php etc. i want to know that if i want to change the meta title of any page how can i do it from code.

I think you can’t do it from the code because the theme use a function to grabb the title + description but if you open the Post that you would like to change so you can check if there is any excerpt to edit! this is the first Option!


Yes this is probably generated by some piece of PHP code somewhere. Keep in mind that nothing is impossible to change however its hard to give you any advice without some code to look at or at least the name of the theme you are using. There are dozens and dozens of WP themes all with different architectures.

My best guess would be to try looking in your functions.php file for some code like gen_meta_desc or $meta in the file.

Perhaps this post can help,