Customize Navigation

I am working on a project that uses php and I can’t seem to find a way to customize the navigation menu. I tried a global change since there was a link we just wanted renamed from wish to want. I uploaded the entire site but no changes have taken effect. The nav bar still says wish? I have done a global search for the word wish and nothing comes up yet the nav bar still says wish. I am totally lost here.

If someone would like to help I’ll give you access.

The site is : … /index.php

There are modules in the admin menu where you can enable and disable the link. I can’t seem to find where these links are defined. Like I said before I have done a global search for the keyword yet the word doesn’t come up as I have changed all the wish words to want.

Can someone please help me figure this out. I’m stuck.

Looking at the iscript admin demo it doesn’t look like it is possible to change the links without modifying the code. Have you looked at the Site Style template? It looks like that is the main layout and seems like it would host the navigation. That would be my guess.