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I have added a custom header and footer to my wordpress blog, see demo here. But my problem is that in mobile, the footer has white space and looks totaly weird. And also, when you go on an article, for example this one about ubuntu security and you scroll down, the social media share buttons go into the header. What would be the best way to fix this? Add more padding? I really have no idea how to do this because this is the first time I have tried to customize wordpress and its php.

Hi bestscapethe, welcome to the forums!

I tried your site in the browser’s “Responsive Design Mode”, but couldn’t replicate your issues like the footer white space and the media buttons go into the header. Though I’m not sure I can visualize correctly what you describe.

Could you please try Responsive Design Mode or similar in your browser and take a screenshot or notice what screen size(s) the problems appears in.

I added exactly the same code as I had on my website regarding the footer

OK, I noticed the corrupt footer display and some other issues, like the media buttons goes under the fixed header in desktop display, but not what you originally described.

I’ll check again later. :slight_smile:

I fixed the header etc but the footer on mobile still looks broken. I am guessing it is something interfearing with the footer code from the main theme code, but what?

image removing this code seems to fix the footer but breaks the rest

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