Custom Themes vs Them Framworks Expectations

For the WordPress sites I build, I start from the bottom up using a CSS framework like Bootstrap or Materialize. With this approach, I’m able to provide a site with great admin usability, consistent design features, and lean construction.

On occasion, I’ve worked with people that are used to using theme frameworks and expect a lot more control over the ability to place widgets and plugins. In my opinion, this control is a double edged sword. On one hand, the client has more power to change things. On the other, the site can start looking unprofessional.

I’d like to hear if you all have opinions about the two different construction methods and how you meet client’s expectations.

I’ve found the opposite to be true.

When creating a theme from the ground up using frameworks like sage, underscores, etc, devs have complete control.
However, we usually allow the clients access as an author.
We also do some extra stuff such as whitelabelling the backend, add custom css to make important things in the backend more distingishable, add extra columns to the pages table, posts, table, etc.

All this leads to a more user friendly and professional website.

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