Custom php.ini per site


I have php 5.3 on my windows server using IIS and FCGI. The problem I have is I need the php extension fileinfo enabled for one site, and disabled for the rest. What’s the best way to go about this? I’ve tried ini_set() and had no luck. I could have separate php.ini files but have no idea how to set them up?


ini_set is only for PHP directives, as set in the ini file.

Judging by the docs, using dl() might be the way to go.

Test if site is permitted then load the extension?

Maybe there is a way to do this per site/directory via .htaccess but I cannot find mention of it, ah wait up [google]php load extension htaccess[/google]

I can’t use dl because function doesn’t work properly in “multithreaded servers, like IIS”, so it’s disabled. And tried editting .htaccess with no change. I think that only works if Apache is loading php as a module?