Custom Payment Gateway Integration - Marketplace API


I want to integrate a custom payment gateway instamojo and use their MARKETPLACE API for the purpose.

The marketplace api can be found in the above link.

I am beginner in wordpress and would like to know a step by step process help to integrate the above payment gateway.

Did you try using this plugin?

Yes, Dave,

This plugin is primarily for making the customers buy the products.
I use yith woocommerce mutli vendor plugin and my site is a ecommerce marketplace website.

With this plugin i am restricted to use only paypal masspay to payout my vendors. I prefer to pay the vendors simultaneously when the customers pay for the product and the balance portion to the website owner.

Can you help me setting up this marketplace payment gateway. The api is given in the link in my post.

Honesty I have no idea. You should contact them, I’m sure they can help.

They say a web developer can help me do it and they only provide the API documentation.

I am not able to get where / which page i need to place their given code to initiate the vendor signup process from where it actually starts

Hi :slight_smile: I also encountered this problem, they give you a code only API and you should install it yourself, but to do that you need to be a programmer to understand code, this is a very complex undertaking. You can find a way to give this task to experts and pay for their work. Himself without the knowledge of programming can handle.

True. But waiting to see if some developer on this forum can volunteer to guide or help us understand this process so that we can learn and help others as well when it comes to implementing something like this.

Hi :slight_smile: Your question is not easy, I hope you understand, no leadership, I was looking for, no. Only hire specialist.

Sure. Will do. Thanks for the timely advise

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