Custom order form

Hi all.

I was wondering if the community can help me to work out how something like this:

was created…?

I found it to be quite an exceptional application and the look and feel is really outstanding…

I was wanting to build something similar but for a different product so would love any help in getting an idea of how you would go about building something like this…

thanks in advance

I looked at something similar a while back. From what I remember;

The big square buttons on the left were replaced radio buttons, replaced using some sort of Javascript (probably best to Google this, I can’t remember how it was done), and on each click, the form was set to submit, more javascript there, which would generate a string from the values selected in the option groups.

The series of generated values would then equal a file name of an image elsewhere, and there was an image per possible combination, which just got replaced each time the form was ‘submitted’.

Eventually, all the values are submitted into another form, which actually takes the order.

It’s a really simple idea, but it would take a lot of work to get right!