Custom font much smaller than others "Ventilla Script" how to make it bigger

I have been asked to use a font called Ventilla Script for the heading text of a website,

I used the normal @font-face css rule to import the .tff file and this font appears to be about 3x smaller than the default font, this means I need to wind the font size up to a little over 100px to get the font the size I want but then this pushes to much vertical margin up resulting in a whole bunch of other styling issues.
The existing font size is 48px I have tried using % and pt but these give the same results

Does anyone know a way around this without the need to use an image in place of the font.

Many thanks


If you want to affect the line height of the text, then use line-height: (any value less than 100%);. That will reduce the mragin between the lines that you see.

Ahhh right yep I got it, Ryan you are a genius thanks matey.


Just remember that you need various versions of a font served up for it to work cross-browser. You can convert a font to the necessary formats at FontSquirrel.