Custom Ecommerce Options


I am creating a custom ecommerce solution for a wedding invite/fancy paper product store. Basically every product is highly customized with photos, text, fonts etc. So due to the complexity of those data objects, I’m not going with Magento because of the shear workload of customizing the products within their framework.
Having said that, I am looking around for any other PHP ecommerce libraries that might provide a foundation of store/user logic (authentication/routing/gateway etc) so I wouldn’t be doing the entire thing from scratch.
I am considering using CakePHP as a framework but only because it is the one I am most familiar with at this moment. I have also been looking at the the code base included in the book PHP5 Ecommerce Development by Packt Publishing.
It basically creates a registry that handles almost all of the functionality I would need.
But I am concerned about going down an unknown road that might not provide a complete solution in the end.

Can anyone on this board recommend a framework that they’ve used in this type of situation?